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Mrs Sargeant

Can you introduce yourself and explain what you do at our school?

I am Miss Sargeant and I teach Year 2,  Chimps class. I look after Art  in school.   We cover lots of aspects of art including painting, drawing, sculpture,  and printing.
What did you study at university?
I studied English Literature as my main subject in my degree but I also studied Theology, Ethics, and American Studies as extra subjects. I did a PGCE after a few years of working.
What were your favourite subjects at school?
English, History and Sociology were my favourite subjects at school.
What did you do before you were a teacher?
Before I was a teacher I had a few jobs. I worked at a bank, I was a typist and I was an accounts clerk.
What do you like to do out of school?
Out of school I like to spend time with my family. Usually going to the park with my little girl or taking her out to places, we enjoy lots of walks in the countryside. I also like looking after our family pets, which include several harvest mice, a very lively sheep dog called Tess and a black and white cat called Toby.  Sitting down with a good book is also one of my hobbies and I often visit the library.
What's your favourite meal?
I love to have a really good roast dinner to eat, with a fruit crumble and custard for pudding.
Is there anything you really don't like?
I don't like being cold.
Can you describe yourself in one adjective?