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Geography at Eye Primary School


Our Intent: Our Vision for Geography at Eye

At Eye, we consider Geography to be a lens that helps us to explore the physical and human aspects of our world by understanding the Earth’s surface (physical) and appreciating how people affect and are affected by the natural world (human).

Geography Overview Years 1 to 6

How do we teach Geography at Eye?


At Eye Primary School, we teach a full unit of Geography every half term ( in Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2). There are also cross-curricular links with Geography in other subjects of our curriculum, for example, some aspects of weather may be covered in Science.


Year 3 recently went for a walk around Eye Village to look at the 'wonders' of Eye. This linked to their topic 'What are the wonders of our world'

During today's lesson, Year 5 undertook some fieldwork by exploring Eye. During this time we walked around the village looking out for pieces of rubbish, which we stuck to pieces of cardboard, helping to clean up our community and to see the impact humans are having on the planet. We also looked at how the council are able to help Eye community by providing a range of bins, helping to recycle the local waste. Another important issue we explored was the transport that travelled through Eye. We looked at how many moving cars travelled through the village, compared to the amount of buses, bicycles, motorbikes and members of the community who walked through the village.

How do we assess Geography at Eye?


As Geography is a foundation subject, it is assessed by Teacher Judgement. This means that there are no assessments for the children, other than those set by the class teacher. 


During Geography lessons, we regularly complete retrieval practice in the form of Sticky Steps and Sticky Quizzes which test the children on the knowledge taught to them in previous years as well as the lessons they have already covered in their current learning sequence.


What does the National Curriculum say?