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Dolphins - Year 4

Welcome back to our final half term in year 4!


I can't believe how fast the year has gone. Just a few notes about what we will be looking at this half term:

Our PE day is still on Wednesday afternoons, where the children switch between music lessons and PE. We are also sometimes lucky enough to have a PE coach on Fridays, do if children could bring kit on this day too.

This half term we will be looking at biographies and also writing a narrative.

We still have a few topics to cover, including measure and shape. We will also be doing weekly retrieval practice of all our topics from the year.

We will be learning about electricity, which links nicely to our current English where we have reading the biography of Thomas Edison (the inventor of the light bulb).

We are looking at the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We started our half term off nicely with a trio to the cathedral, where we learnt about Anglo Saxons here in Peterborough.

I hope to have a fantastic final half term with Dolphins!


REMINDER: This Friday, Friday 15th March is a non-uniform day. We kindly ask for a £1 donation which will go towards supporting Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice.

The Animal Experience - the children had a lovely time learning about the different animals and even getting to touch/hold them. There were snakes, lizards, insects and everyone's favourite...KitKat the meerkat.

World Book Day - the Dolphins all in their fantastic costumes



Maths - At the end of this week, the children will be doing some maths assessments to see how well they have remembered everything we have learnt so far this year. One topic we have not yet managed to cover, which might come up on the test is time, so is you have any spare time this week and get chance to practice telling the time, it might come in handy for them!


PE and Swimming - PE has not changed this half term, therefore it is still on Tuesday afternoons and children will switch between music and PE on this afternoon. Children should always remember their kit on this day.

Swimming - We have rotated back to group 1 this half term, and so if your child swam before Christmas, they will be swimming again now. 

Events this week - This week is an exciting week, we have World Book Day on Thursday, where children and teachers will be coming dressed as their favourite book character. If they could please also bring along a copy of one of their favourite books, this would be brilliant, as we will be holding a Year 4 reading cafe. 

- We are also celebrating International Women's Day on Friday, where writing will be based around this special day, and all of the history behind it.


Class book - We are currently reading The Witches by Roald Dahl as our class book. 


Kindness - Finally, we have been a lot of work recently on kindness, friendship and forgiveness. We have talked about how these things are really important, and we are working really hard at making sure we are kind to others and that everyone is treated fairly. Over the past week, we have watched a film called Wonder which talks about all of these issues. The children really enjoyed it, and I'm sure they will be able to tell you all about it. 

Week commencing 21st January

So far this week, we have been practicing our English skills to help us when we come to write a film review in a couple of weeks.


In Maths, we have been finishing off working on division and multiplication word problems, and have been thinking today about multiplying by 0 and 1.


We have been lucky enough in RE, so have some year 5 children come to speak to us, to give us first-hand information about what it is like to be a Muslim.


Next week is going to be full of exciting activities, as it is National Story Telling week. Mrs Collins will be coming to share a story with the Dolphins on Monday morning. Then the week will be filled with lots of fun interesting English activities throughout the week, based on story telling. The children will also have the chance to share their work with children from another class.


We will hopefully be able to take lots of pictures of the children in action next week to share with you. Keep your eyes peeled!

15th January - Text mapping - This week we have been reading a film review about King Kong. We created text maps of each paragraph to help us understand the text better.

Layers of the Earth - the children created pictures, showing the different layers of the Earth

Dance - children were asked to create a dance, showing the stages of a volcano eruption

3 wishes - thinking about Aladdin, the children discussed what they would wish for if they were given 3 wishes

Welcome back to Spring Term 1


I hope you all had a lovely break and are ready to get back to a term filled with learning!


Throughout this next half term, we will be extremely busy, including learning about the following:


English - film reviews, based on Aladdin

Maths - Division and word problems

Science - Climate change

Topic - Earthquakes and volcanoes

RE - What is it like to be a Muslim in Peterborough?


We now have Mrs Pollard helping in our classroom, everyday except Tuesdays.


PE will be on Tuesdays going forward and children will switch between music (which will start in a couple of weeks) and PE. Swimming will be on Wednesday afternoons. If children can bring their kits on these days, please.


As before, homework is due in on Tuesdays and will be marked and returned to the children on Thursdays.


Reading records are due in every Monday. 


We look forward to an exciting Spring 1 half term!


10th December - Miss Allen (from year 2) came to spend the morning getting 'grinchy' with The Dolphins!

7th December - Getting festive - The Dolphins really went to town on dressing the classroom christmas tree!

Tuesday 27th November - Year 4 Roman trip - children were given the chance to make clay faces, learn about Roman Peterborough, try on Roman armour and act as archaeologists, handling real life Roman artifacts

Maths 26.11.18 - Today we were proving that 5 x 5 = 25, discussing the commutative law and the relevance of the corresponding division facts

12.11.18 and 13.11.18 - This week is anti-bullying week, so we have been thinking about respect and discussing the consequences of bullying

9.11.18 - Today, Dolphins were using materials to investigate how different teeth work and the types of teeth different animals would need.

PE and Swimming update (7/11/18)


This will be the FINAL week for the first group of swimmers.
The other group WILL swap next week. Sorry for any confusion!

Week commencing 5th Nov - This week we tested the children on the year 3/4 spelling words. They have been sent home with a sheet highlighted with the ones to work on. Here is a copy of the list:

General updates for Autumn 2 


Eye Factor

As you may know, this week we have launched the Eye Factor in year 4. Children have been put into groups and we are in the process of selecting songs for all of the children. Within the next few weeks, rehearsals will get under way; the children will have chance to think about choreography, costumes and performing on the night! We look forward to the finished performance which will be held on the evening of Thursday 13th December.


Peterborough Museum

Coming up on Tuesday 27th November we will be visiting Peterborough Museum, as part of our Romans topic. The children will have lots of opportunity to understand the Roman way of life and some of the local history.


Athletics morning

The year 4 children have been invited to Arthur Mellows school for an athletics morning on Tuesday 4th December.



Roman army formation 17/09/18 - here the Dolphins were practicing the 'tortoise' or 'testudo' formation.

Welcome to Dolphins class!


I am sure that this is going to be an exciting year for the dolphins and that we are going to learn a lot together!


Our first topic in the Autumn term is The Romans. We will be considering why the Romans came to Britain, why they were so powerful and the impact they left on Britain.


In Maths we will be using the Maths No Problem curriculum, which they have been used to in previous years. Our first topic will be looking at the place value of numbers.   


In our science lessons, we will be looking at teeth and healthy eating.


Our geography lessons will link to the Romans; where they came from, where they invaded and where they located their desired resources from.


In Art and Design, children will be looking at Roman mosaics and designing and making their own Roman shields.


Spanish will continue to be taught in weekly Spanish assemblies.


Useful information


Our teaching assistant is Mrs Sullivan and we will be sharing her with the Pandas.


Please note: Our P.E sessions will be on Mondays, so please remember to bring kit on this day!


Any further questions, feel free to ask me and I will do my best to help. Here’s to a fun-filled first half term in Dolphins!


Miss Wood