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Penguins - Year 3

End of Term Message

To all the lovely Penguins, 

We have loved every minute we got to teach you all, and are only sad our time was cut so short. Have an amazing and safe summer break. We look forward to seeing you around school in September when you return as Year 4's.

Lots of love,

Mrs Pollard, Mrs Bright, and Miss Johnson 


A message from Bookman

Bookman's Summer Reading Challenge

This Summer, it would be amazing to see lots of you having a go at Bookman's Summer Reading Challenge. I know I will definitely be taking part!



End of Term Church Service

Click on the link below to access a virtual end of term church service created especially for us.

Distance Learning Information

We will be uploading Daily Challenges for you to complete, alongside practising your times tables on TTRS, spellings on Spelling Shed, and lots of reading. Remember to look in your distance learning booklet for extra tasks and activities to do also.  Keep emailing in updates and photos!

If you need to contact us, please use the class email, Please do understand we are now in class full time, so replies may take longer than they have previously, but we will aim to respond as quick as we can. We appreciate your continued support throughout this time, and we are here to help if we are able.

Thank you, Mrs Pollard and Mrs Bright xx

Messages from Penguins Class - June 2020

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All of the staff in Year 3 are missing you lots. We can't wait till we are back together again. Keep smiling Penguins!

Check out the video link below to see a positive message from the year 3 children that have been in school. We are missing you all so much! 

Physical Education at home

We have listed below some choices that can be completed indoors. Some of the activities listed we have enjoyed in class together. 

Other ideas/websites that may be useful

Story Time


Click on the link below to watch and listen to Miss Johnson reading the last chapter of Roald Dahl's 'The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me'.


Click on the link below to watch and listen to Mrs Pollard reading the last two chapters of Dick King-Smith's 'The Queen's Nose'.


Click on the link below to watch and listen to Mrs Bright reading George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl..

Extra Times Tables Practise- Games and Activities

We have added some times tables games and activities below if you would like something different to help practise those important times tables. We know lots of you are working hard on Times Table Rock Stars too. That is great so keep that up! 

Virtual Sports Day

We thought it would be nice to host a virtual sports day because we missed our sports day at school. Have a go at some of the activities on the attached sheet and record your progress- I have got some certificates for those children that come 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Enjoy your sports day!

Daily Challenges - Summer Term 2

BBC Bitesize has created daily work, appropriate to the National Curriculum for each year group, if you are looking for extra work, or want to further practise some skills set in the Daily Challenges, click on the link below and select the Year 3 section.


The Oak National Academy have also created daily work, appropriate to the National Curriculum for each year group. These feature online teaching videos which you may want to participate in.



Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five
Week Six
Week Seven
Week Eight - Monday & Tuesday

Brilliant Home Learning by Penguins Class during Summer Term 2

Keep on sending us examples of your amazing home learning, it makes us smile seeing your hard work!

The Amazon River factfile by Erin
Oliver creating his piece of art using a fork
Erin used a cork to create her art piece
Bar chart created by Amelia
Angles poster created by Amelia
Evie & Isla working together on their French work
Friendship poster by Oliver J
Friendship poster by Bella H
Plant experiment by Bella H
Jungle poem by Dylan
Jungle poem by Erin
RE poster about Festivals by Erin
Maths by Amelia
Poem by Amelia
English by Evie
Science by Isla
Rainforest layers by Dylan
Jungle log by Erin
Jungle log by Erin
Poppy conducting a science experiment

Look at some of the other things that the Penguins have been up to

We love to see some of the other things you've been getting up to whilst we're not in school. We know that many of you will have your own ideas about what you'd like to learn or create whilst at home. 

Bella has been creative & made a Barbie playground
Bella watering the plants with her brother
Sophia drawing a rainbow outside her house
A rainbow picture drawn by Sophia
A letter written to the Spinney Care Home by Eden
Oliver H and his siblings completing a workout
Thank you to Coop Funeral Care poster by Sophia
Pudding for the family made by Sophia
Milk Bottle Elephant by Sophia
Painting by Poppy
Family art by Eden
Rainbow poster by Harley
Facts about the Queen by Bella H
Baking by Harley
Evie & Isla's super rainbow wall made the news!
Bella's beautiful hanging basket
Bella baked a lemon cheesecake
A lovely NHS poem by Amelia
Evie planting a fairy garden
Isla planting a fairy garden
Ben doing some super Art
Ben and his brother enjoying his daily walk
Bella's beautiful clay creations
Robots made by Bella
Bella practising her tennis skills

A message for Penguins from the Teachers

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Daily Challenges - Summer 1

Daily Challenges - Spring Term

Brilliant Home Learning by Penguins Class during the Spring Term and Summer 1

Keep on sending us examples of your amazing home learning, it makes us smile seeing your hard work!


Maths work by Dylan
VE day cooking by Eden
Maths work by Amelia
Art appraisal by Eden
Erin working on her VE Day booklet
Part of Erin's VE Day booklet
Song appraisal by Olivia
Song appraisal by Amelia
VE Day powerpoint by Bethany
Information text about Trolls by Erin
Learning to tell the time by Bella
Information text about Trolls by Dylan
VE Day cooking by Oliver
Oliver and his sister celebrating VE Day
Amelia celebrating VE Day with a 1940's hairstyle
Imogen and her brother celebrating VE Day
Appraisal of gymnastics by Erin
Eden and her family celebrating VE Day
Maths work by Amelia
Evie baking for VE Day
Isla baking for VE Day
Maths work by Bella H
Beach Flags by Amelia
Facts about the Amazon Rainforest by Amelia
Urban settlement by Dylan
Maths by Dyaln
Urban settlement by Oliver H
Maths by Oliver H
Urban settlement by Erin
Maths by Eden
Urban settlement by Eden
English by Oliver H
Song appraisal by Oliver H
Song appraisal by Bethany
Song appraisal by Erin
Song appraisal by Jasmine
Maths be Bella H
Maths by Eden
Timestable practice by Harley
Urban settlement by Mia
Maths by Mia
Song Appraisal by Toby
Computing Work by Oliver H
Erin's Maths work
Erin's Science work
Imogen's Science work
Oliver H's maths measuring
Oliver H's maths measuring
Bella H reading
French by Eden
Science by Eden
English by Erin
French by Erin
Mia composing an email for Music
Science by Mia
Science by Mia
Science by Sophia
Structure for Art by Toby
Structure for Art by Alex
Science by Amelia
History by Bella W
Structure for Art by Dylan
Structure for Art by Eden
Structure for Art by Erin
Structure for Art by Oliver J
Structure for Art by Bethany
Mayan Pyramid by Amelia
Ben's maths problems
Ben's Pencil Pot
Ben's Urban Settlement
Bella's Maths and English work
Amelia's lego book stand
Eden's lego pencil case
Toby's pencil case
Eden's VE Day celebration invite
Erin's VE Day celebration invite
Springtime Fun by Oliver J
Geography work by Erin
Spring Poem by Erin
Garden Sketch by Erin
Geography work by Mia
Springtime Poem by Mia
Film Review by Toby
List of Food in each Food Group by Toby
Geography work by Imogen
Geography work by Imogen
Food Groups by Imogen
Science Forces Powerpoint by Ben
Science by Toby
Forces Poster by Toby
Sentences of 3 for description by Dylan
Forces poster by Dylan
Forces poster by Erin
Forces poster by Oliver H
Forces work by Oliver H
Sentences of 3 by Oliver H
Bella working hard on her timestables
History work by Ben
History work continued by Ben
Measuring by Erin
History work by Erin
Maths work by Toby
History and Spellings by Toby
English and Food Groups by Sophia
Food Groups and Maths by Sophia
Forces posters by Mia
Length work by Bella H
Forces poster by Eden
Spring Poem by Eden
The mummification process by Olivia
Forces poster by Poppy
Diary entry by Poppy
Diary entry part 1 by Mia
Diary entry part 2 by Mia
Spelling practice by Oliver J
Erin working towards the Easter reading challenge
Inspirational Sports Person by Oliver H
RE poster by Oliver H
Inspirational Sports Person by Oliver J
Maths by Sophia
Ancient Mayans poster by Erin
English by Eden
Inspirational Sports Person by Eden
Ancient Mayan Factsheet by Bethany
RE Factsheet by Bethany

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Urban settlement by Olivia

Still image for this video
PE game by Oliver J

Toby's safety video

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We enjoyed some fresh air outside playing a game together in the sunshine. We had a great time!

Still image for this video

We had a lovely afternoon filled with art activities!

All of us here today in Penguins decided to have a banquet lunch together. Looking at all the happy faces you can see we are enjoying spending time with each other and having fun before things change for a while!

World Book Day 2020! Look at our brilliant costumes! We dressed up as characters from books we have read together! We even had a surprise visit from Bookman and his new friend Bookboy!

Well done to the children who participated in the Orienteering Challenge at AMVC today. The mixed group came 1st and the boys group came 3rd in their events!

As part of celebrating National Storytelling Week, we shared our narratives based on the Iron Man with the Year Ones. Some of us were lucky enough to share our stories with our siblings.

As part of our RE learning, year 3 were visited by the Salvation Army, to learn about how they show their faith and love for God. Gary and Lorraine lead a brilliant session and we learned so much! Thank you Gary and Lorraine!

We were really lucky to be visited by the artist, Roland Burt, last week. He taught us how to do Caribbean art and link it to letters and numbers. See below how we added to the whole school painting.

We were very excited when Bookman dropped in to see us in Penguins. He had a special prize for Toby as his reading raffle ticket had been drawn out of the box for reading 5 or more times a week. Well done Toby! He also presented lots of children with reading certificates for completing 20, 50 and even 100 reads!

Today we enjoyed our Ancient Egyptian Wow Day! We learned lots of new facts and had lots of fun! Look at the pictures to see us enjoying our day!

We began our new unit of learning in Art based on Sculpture. We looked at lots of different examples of sculptures and found out that creating a sculpture requires imagination. We then used materials in the classroom to create our own sculptures in groups. Our sculptures ranged from 'Reading Robots' to cats!

Spring 2020

Happy New Year! We hope that you have had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break. We are excited to begin the Spring term and we have lots of exciting learning in store for Penguins Class. 


  • Our PE day is now a Wednesday. This term we will be doing Swimming and Athletics. Please ensure that children have the appropriate, named kit on these days.
  • Homework will be set weekly. Please ensure this is completed.  It will be sent home on a Thursday and should be returned the following Tuesday. 
  • Children should continue to bring their reading books along with their reading records to school daily. We would like children to aim to read five times a week and would ask that parents/carers would sign their reading records to show that they are working partnership with us as a school to support the children’s reading. We hope that many of you have completed the competition set by Bookman. We know that he will be visiting us again soon to see how we are doing with out reading. 


We have lots of exciting learning planned for this term. Here is a brief summary of what we will be learning in each subject. 


In our English learning this term, we will be using the focus texts ‘The Queen’s Nose’ and ‘Iron Man’. Through these texts we will be developing our skills of creating narratives and writing recounts such as newspaper reports. We will be building on the writing skills that we have been working on this term and applying them into different writing contexts. We begin with Iron Man and know that the children are going to love this text. 


In Maths our focus will be on measurement. We will be developing our skills in measuring length, mass, volume before moving onto money and time in the second half of the term. We will continue to revisit the skills that we have been practising in the autumn term and applying our calculation skills within our learning about measurement 


Our Science topic for this term is ‘Rocks and Fossils’. This will involve developing an understanding of different types of rocks and how they are formed. Children will also explore how fossils are formed.


In the first half of spring term, in History, we are learning about Ancient Egyptian civilisations. We will explore what life was like in Ancient Egypt, their traditions and beliefs as well as developing an understanding of the features of the Ancient Egyptian society. Children will look at the different ways that the past is represented, using sources of information and making observations, inferences and deductions.  


In the second half of the spring term, in Geography, we will be exploring the wonders of the world and developing knowledge of continents and oceans. We will be linking this with our learning about Egypt and the pyramids.


In Art we are moving on to develop our skills in sculpture, before moving on to working with materials and textiles. Our DT learning is around preparing food to suit a healthy and varied diet. In Music we will be developing our listening and appraising, singing, improvising, composing and evaluation skills using R&B, Michael Jackson, Western Classical, Musicals, Motown and Soul music. Our key learning questions for our RE learning this term are ‘What is it like to follow God’ and ‘What do humanists value most in life?’ In C4L for Spring 1 we will be exploring safety and how to keep ourselves safe in different situations. In PE this term, we are developing our skills in swimming and athletics. In our French learning, we will be developing our French vocabulary linked to Numbers 0-6 , 5 colours - reading/writing, questioning and answering about our name. We will use stories such as Roule galette and L’automne arrive to support this.


We will be keeping our class page updated with details and photos of our learning so please do check back regularly. This is a great tool to use to talk to the children about their school day.


We are available before and after school if you have any need to talk to us. Please do not hesitate to do so!


Mrs Bright and Mrs Pollard

We are very lucky because Bookman came to visit us yesterday and set us a 12 reads of Christmas challenge! I am looking forward to reading your entries in January. Merry Christmas!

Year 3- Trip to Flag Fen. We had a great (but cold) day at Flag Fen today. We were able to become field archaeologists and experimental archeologists. We explored artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age as well as making our own Bronze Age style clay pots. This afternoon we explored the flag fen site and saw Bronze Age long boats, part of the remaining causeway and sat in the Bronze Age roundhouse and enjoyed a story around the fire.

We had a great time investigating which objects reflected the light in our science lesson today. We found that the mirror, marbles and tin foil were most reflective.

We played times table games in maths on 06.11.19 to practise our times tables. Look at the fun we had!

In RE we are learning about Christian beliefs about Creation. We began by think about WoW factors in the world. We went outside to find things that are amazing in Nature.

Welcome back Penguins!


We hope that you have had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for the exciting year ahead. We have been very busy preparing the classroom and planning lots of exciting and engaging lessons that we know you’re going to enjoy.


Mrs Pollard is going to be teaching Penguins on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Bright will teach on a Thursday and Friday. Miss Johnson is our teaching assistant throughout the whole week.


There are some important pieces of information that we have listed below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to us.

  • PE day is Tuesday. This half term we will be doing Swimming and Dance. Swimming for the first 3 weeks (10/09, 17/09, 24/09) and Dance for the last 3 weeks (02/10, 09/10, 15/10). Please ensure that you have the appropriate, named kit on these days.
  • Homework will be set weekly. Please ensure this is completed.  
  • Children will be given a reading book and reading record throughout the course of our first week back. These should be brought to school daily. We would like children to aim to read five times a week and would ask that parents/carers would sign their reading records to show that they are working partnership with us as a school to support the children’s reading.


We have lots to learn this half term and we know that it’s going to be a fun and rewarding learning journey.

In English we are going to use the text ‘Cliffhanger’ by Jacqueline Wilson as our stimulus for writing. We are going to be creating a recount, writing in role as the main character Tim before moving on to explore persuasive writing and creating our own brochure for an adventure camp.


Our Maths learning begins by focusing on developing ‘Place Value’ skills. Children will be working with three digit numbers and ensuring they understand their values. We will then move on to developing our addition and subtraction skills using mental methods as well as written methods to add and subtract.


We will investigate light through our Science topic. This will involve developing an understanding of why we need light, looking at the dangers of sunlight and how to protect ourselves, investigating how light reflects from surfaces, and exploring shadows, how they’re formed and how they change.


Our History learning focuses on The Stone Age to Iron Age. We will discover what it was like to live in prehistoric times for the first humans in Britain. We will look at how life evolved and changed throughout this era.


In Music, children are extremely fortunate to have whole class music tuition, learning to play the J-Sax (junior saxophone). Our Art work will focus on developing our drawing skills, looking at using proportion, shape, colour, shade and form. In RE we are looking at what Christians learn from the creation story. In D&T we will be creating structures. The children will begin to learn French now that they are in Key Stage 2. This will begin with learning some greetings and classroom commands. In our Curriculum for Life skills lessons we will be looking at Rules and the need for rules in different areas of life.


We will be keeping our class page updated with details and photos of our learning so please do check back regularly. This is a great tool to use to talk to the children about their school day.


We are available before and after school if you have any need to talk to us. Please do not hesitate to do so!


Mrs Bright and Mrs Pollard