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It is in your child's best interest to attend school regularly and on time. As a School we monitor carefully the absences of our pupils and work closely with Parents/ Carers and the Local Authority Attendance Officer to maintain and improve our attendance rates.


The average attendance for a school age child is above 95%.


The Local Authority have advised a target of 96% for Primary Schools across Peterborough for 2018/19 and at Eye Primary we are aiming for 97%.



We understand that at times children are absent due to medical reasons or other very exceptional circumstances.


We ask parents/carers to contact the school as soon as possible to let us know about any absence and provide evidence of medical appointments etc. In the event that we are not notified, the school will endeavor to contact you, however if we are not able to make contact the absence will not be authorised.


If your child’s attendance falls below 95% you will receive a letter of concern from school.


Leave of Absence

We would discourage parents/ carers from taking any leave of absence during term time. If this is unavoidable, we would ask you to complete a 'Leave of Absence Request Form' to let us know of your intention.


This form is available from the school office.


Only in exceptional circumstances will absences be ‘authorised’ by the Headteacher. If your child's absence is ‘unauthorised’ it could lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued by the Local Authority and your child’s place on the school roll may be at risk.


Persistent Absence

If your child's attendance is below 90% it will be monitored closely. You will be contacted by the school to attend a meeting at school. You will also be asked to provide medical evidence every time your child is absent from school.


If your child continues to have absence and has 8 days of absence which is unauthorised in an 8-week period, the school may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice.



The school opens at 8.50am and children are collected from the playground by their teachers. They are registered at 9.00am. If your child arrives at school between 9.00am and 9.15am they will need to enter school by the front office and sign in, giving reason for lateness. They will be marked on the register with a late mark (L). If your child arrives after 9.15am they will receive an unauthourised late mark (U).


At Eye Primary we monitor lateness on a regular basis and you will receive a letter of concern regarding lateness if it becomes frequent.


If you have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance, please contact the school office or Kelly Johnson (Pupil and Family Support Officer)