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Lions - Year 6

Lions had a go at creating their favourite sandwhiches!

We continued learning about the BIG ideas of science with some chemistry.

22.5.17- What a lovely day for some observational drawing and scratch art!

A well-deserved pyjamas and film afternoon to end a busy week.

Year 6 were immersed into their writing with an exciting evacuation and introduction into a quarantine situation! (20/3/17)

Plenty of 'light bulb moments' in our science investigations today.

Anyone for rhyming BINGO?

Some poems just deserve to be performed!

Micro-organisms can be harmful, but they can also be useful, like the fungus used to make bread rise: Yeast. We learned all about it this week (and made the classroom smell delicious in the process).

Prisms, pyramids, cubes, tetrahedra, etc... We've created nets for them all in mathematics this week.

What a delicious day we have had sampling the Cadbury delights and learning all about the Maya!

Aspirations Week 2017- What a busy day of interviews and exploring the world of work!

Lions Class have been busy finding Miss Wilson a new CEO for the Chocolate Factory!

Getting grilled like a sausage! Only the best candidates will do!

Still image for this video
The children used a top secret scoring system to rate the answers to their carefully-structured questions, working hard for Miss Wilson. Congratulations to Theo for winning today's competition with the most peer nominations. :-)

Welcome back, Lions! This term's learning will focus on that most delightful of treats: CHOCOLATE.  


We will...  

  • Learn about the early American civilisations that invented it.
  • Learn about the persuasive techniques used to advertise it.  
  • Read Roald Dahl's classic story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (to be finished by 27th January, please).
  • Visit Cadbury's World to discover the entire process of making chocolate, from cocoa bean to finished product. 
  • Design our own chocolate bar. 
  • ...  and much more besides.


It promises to be a truly scrumptious term.  The greatest challenge will be getting Mr Such to share.

Wow!  What a fabulous end to our busy term!  We have finished off with a fantastic craft day-check out our festive treats below!

Lions Class is full of budding philosophers! Here are the questions generated by the children on the subject of age and gender. The children voted on which question to discuss and a lively debate followed.

Lions Class continued continued their learning about WW2 by creating Blitz silhouettes:

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More of our Blitz panorama:

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21/10/16 - Inspired by 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', Lions class created poems based on a key moment of drama from the story. Year 6 shared poetry between classes and performed them. Below is one of the performances that gives a flavour of what was achieved.

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18.10.16- Today Y6 took part in a peer-assessment carousel and here in Lions class we had the Jaguars imposing on our territory and leaving their mark!

As part of our Maths No Problem learning about place value, we ordered and compared numbers. To show what we had learned, we took part in our very own game show.

We have been learning about circuits and components this half term in science. How electrifying!

smiley Welcome to our brand new Year 6 Class! smiley 

This year, Lions will be taught by Miss Wilson (Monday and Tuesday) and Mr Such (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).

                          **PE will be on Wednesday afternoons**               

We have a very wild adventure ahead of us... so watch this space for updates and information about our fantastic learning journey!



Check out our fantastic reading area for Y6! We call it the BIG CAT AREA!

This half term's topic 'Why did the world go to war twice?' has led to some fascinating learning... and some unorthodox choices of head-wear.