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Mathematics at Eye Primary School        

Our Maths Mission Statement

Maths is the language of the universe. All children should be fluent, resilient and reflective, exploring mathematical concepts with an inquisitive mind. We strive to actively encourage our children to problem solve, drawing on secure mathematical knowledge to assist them in finding a solution. We aim to teach a mathematical curriculum in which children feel safe to explore new methods and concepts, as well as enjoy the challenges mathematics can bring.


Maths Lead: Miss Scane


If you have any queries or questions regarding Mathematics, please contact Miss Scane directly by either the school office or at the Year 6 doors at the beginning and end of the school day.


Maths at Eye- Model School

We are exemplifying the very best practice in teaching maths for mastery using the Maths — No Problem! Approach.


- Demonstrate passion and enthusiasm about the Maths — No Problem! approach to teaching
- Have successfully implemented our textbooks and workbooks across all year groups
- Have evidence of continuous professional development which continually updates and refines your approach to Singapore Maths teaching
- Have senior staff/maths leads who have attended an In-Depth course delivered by one of our Singaporean trainers
- Have participated in inset training delivered by a Maths — No Problem! training consultant
- Be graded as good or above by OFSTED


What else do we offer at Eye?


Times Table Rockstars                                                                                                

Times Table Rockstars in an online programme in place to support rapid recall of Times Tables. It can be played both online and via their app in school and at home. Each child has their own rockstar avatar and is in control of earning virtual money to buy clothing and accessories for their avatar. Coins can be earned by answering their multiplication tables correctly when they play games. The more answers they get right, the more coins they earn. Within school, the children complete a set of 60 questions in 3 minutes in a booklet five times a week. These scores and times are then uploaded onto the website each week by the class teacher to collaborate with the child's previous scores to boost their rockstar level. The aim of the programme is to climb the levels to be a Rock Hero!


Fast Five Retrieval Practice                                                                          

Retrieval practice has become an integral part of our teaching across all subjects areas at Eye Primary School. Mathematics is no exception. At the beginning of every lesson, children complete what we refer to as a 'Fast Five'. These are a series of five questions, arithmetic or reasoning, from a variety of mathematical units to revise previously taught topics. This ensures the children are drawing on prior knowledge to answer the questions, effectively transferring methods and concepts into their long term memory to support their future learning too.


Sticky Quizzes                                                                                                          

Previously, we assessed our children with what we called 'Cold and Hot Maths'. These have now been replaced with a whole school approach- sticky quizzes! At the beginning of every Maths unit, children complete a Pre-Assessment Sticky Quiz (to assess them on prior learning of the upcoming unit). At the end of the Maths unit, they then complete a Hot Maths Sticky Quiz, which will assess them on the key learning objectives for that unit, as well as being used as a further assessment point for any previous learning that year. These can be found in children's Maths Journals.



Maths Visitors are Welcome!

We warmly welcome any teaching practitioners that would like to know more about Maths at Eye C of E Primary. Any information about upcoming visits can be found below...


Due to Covid-19, Eye Primary School is closed to visitors. Any future visits will be available to see here in due course...

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