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Chimps - Year 2

We had a briilliant time on our trip to Wells-next-the-Sea. The sun shone and the children were fantastic. Check out some of our pictures.

We are really enjoying 'Healthy Me' week. Today we learnt about staying safe in the sun and about keeping ourselves clean. Some of us bought in our wash bags to help us think about what we need to stay clean.

After learning about and writing instructions last week, our home learning task was to make our own Chinese lanterns. Look at the pictures below to see what we created.

This week is 'My Money' week. In Maths we have been developing our skills when working money; using our number bonds, adding and subtracting amounts and finding change. 


On Wednesday we will be selling cakes so we have been looking at and learning our recipe. Watch the videos below to find out more!


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We dressed in red, white and blue to wish the Queen a very happy 90th birthday.

We have had a fantastic wow day to start the summer term with our new topic 'Where's my Treasure?' The children came to school dressed as pirates and have spent the day at Pirate School. We have found out our pirate names, learnt to talk like a pirate, acted like pirates by following the Captain's orders and stealing treasure as well as singing like a pirate. At the end of the children received certificates in our passing our ceremony to certify them as Junior Pirates. Check out the photos below. 

It's great to be back together and begin our new topic 'Where's my Treasure?' In English today we learnt the poem 'A Pirate Life'. Have a look at our video of Chimps class performi it.

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I hope you all have a fantastic Easter holiday. The children have worked really hard this half term and should be feeling very proud of all that they have achieved. Chimps class have the Christian Values homework that was sent home to the whole school via parent mail and Maths homework linked to the work we have been doing on money. This is in their homework folders. In addition to this, children have brought home their spelling journals. Inside the front covers there are a list of words that are a focus in year 2. The highlighted words are words that your child needs to practise and learn. It would be great if the children could have a go at some of these over the holidays. They can practise them in the back of their spelling journal.


If you would like your child to spend extra time practising their reading, writing and maths skills then please check out the websites listed below.

Here we are running a mile with a smile for Sport Relief

We had a brilliant time getting crafty with our mums this afternoon in the lead up to Mother's Day. Thanks to all mums who came.

We had a great day celebrating world book day in Chimps class. We had some brilliant costumes from Goldilocks to the Demon Dentist! We worked really hard on writing our own story using a picture entitled 'Mr Linden's Library' from the book 'The Mystery of Harris Burdick'. We had some fantastic ideas. 
We had a great time this afternoon at our pyjama party as a result of staying on green all half term. We enjoyed the film and some yummy popcorn! 

Chimps have become fraction expects over the last couple of weeks and have had lots of experiences of finding fractions of shapes, objects and numbers.

In PSCHE we began our learning in our 'Good to Me' topic and have been thinking about what feeling relaxed is like.  We considered what might make people feel stressed and how they can relaxed. Watch one of our class videos for tips of how to relax. 


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Wow day! We have had a great time today as we started our new topic 'Who Rules the Animal Kingdom?' We enjoyed working with our parents this morning learning about the different animal classes and then creating a craft for each animal class. After break we shared our knowledge of animals and worked in cooperative groups to create a poster to show what we know about specific animals. In the afternoon we learnt the story 'Rumble in the Jungle' as a class and then worked with a partner to create our own performance of one of the verses about the animals. We have had a great day!

Chimps class have lots to look forward to throughout the Spring term. We kick off our new topic 'Who Rules the Animal Kingdom' with our 'WOW day' on our first day back. This topic has a strong Geography and Science focus as we will be learning about the continents and oceans looking particularly at Africa and Antarctica. We will look at animals that live in these regions and what they have that helps them survive in these areas. We will also be getting our Science hats on to consider what classifies something as 'alive' or 'not alive' and we will explore food chains throughout the animal kingdom. In English we are going to begin by enjoying the book 'Rumble in the Jungle'. We are going to be particularly focusing on the the language choices in the text and how we can choose precise nouns, verbs and adjectives in our own writing. In Maths we are continuing our learning on multiplication and division. We are going to be working really hard to know the facts in the 2, 5 and 10 times table. It's going to be a busy but exciting term. Keep checking our class page for photos and updates on our learning. 
Chimps really enjoyed their Good to be Green treat this afternoon with a bounce on the bouncy castle. Even Mrs Bright had a sneaky bounce! 
Thank you to all parents and other family members who joined us for our Chimp Class Cafe this afternoon. We enjoyed sharing the Snowman and the Snowdog story and then creating a bouncy snowman craft. 
Chimps have developed their printing and colour mixing skills this week. They have created some beautiful calendars using different colours for each of the four seasons.
After our lovely time decorating the Christmas tree and singing carols as a school on Tuesday we are really getting into the Christmas spirit. This afternoon year 2 really enjoyed our visit from Mr Montgomery from St. Matthew's church who talked to us about christingles and their meaning. Here are some pictures of us making them. Ask us what each part means when we bring them home. 

We have really enjoyed reading the story Rainbow Bird as our focus in English. Today we created a story map thinking about the opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending and we created actions to help us retell it. Next week we will be creating our own versions of the story.

Anti-bullying week has been a great success in Chimp class and we have learnt lots. Here is our collaborative project to 'Make a Noise about Bullying'.

We have been making 17th century houses as part of our Fire: Friend or Foe topic. We looked at old and new houses to compare them and designed our own before making them.

We have had a really busy week back after half term and have been learning about all things bonfire related! We have been writing some super spine poems in English using powerful vocabulary such as exciting adjectives, verbs, similes and alliteration. We have also learnt about The Gunpowder Plot in our topic lesson. We learnt about how unhappy the Catholic Christians were with King James I and how a group of 13 men plotted together to blow up the Houses of Parliament.


Watch the brilliant video below which shows one of the groups in our class re-enacting the Gunpowder plot.

Guy Fawkes.mp4

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Chimps have worked really hard this week to test their reactions. They have been working with a partner to drop a ruler and see how quickly the other's reflexes were to catch it. We tested whether it was easier to use their right or left hands and whether it was easier when we could see the ruler or when it was to the side. 
Chimps worked really hard on their homework this week and wrote a postcard from the other side of the river Thames imagining they had escaped the Great Fire of London.  Georgie went the extra mile and created a video to go with her postcard. Click the link below to watch it.
As part of our 'Who do Christians say Jesus is?' RE topic we had a visit from Mr Hurst our vicar from St. Matthews church in Eye. He spoke to year 2 about who Jesus is and how we can learn about him from the bible. 

We have had a busy week in Chimp class being shape explorers. We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We were very excited when we received a letter from Mr R.E.C Tangle at Shape Headquarters telling us about an explosion that had occurred in their factory causing all their shapes to become mixed up.  They had heard what shape experts we are in year 2 and they needed us to help sort the shapes again. 


Here we are sorting the shapes for Shape HQ. 
We had a special treat when Pandas (year 4) came to read the myths that they have written to us. We enjoyed listening to them and promised that we would return the visit soon and read our writing to them. Thank you Pandas. 

We had a great time making bread this afternoon. Mrs Drew from our school kitchen did a fantastic demonstration and then we got stuck in with kneading and shaping the dough. It was a great start to our English unit on instructions and tested our skills of following the steps. It also made us think about what the baker Thomas Farrinor in 1666 would have had to do each day. 

Take a look at some of our photos...

Our topic for this half term is 'Fire: Friend or Foe?'  We had a really interesting class discussion about our responses to the question. Here's what some of us thought. 
Through our topic we will be learning about events such as the Great Fire of London and Bonfire Night. We will be developing our History, Geography, Science and Art skills. We really enjoyed our Wow Day on Wednesday where we became detectives to find out about the event we would be learning about. Here are our clues,. can you guess what it is? 
It's the Great Fire of London of course! The clues helped us discover that there was a big fire that started in a bakery in London. We also became actors and actresses as we imagined what it would have been like to wake up and discover the fire! Watch some of the videos of our role-plays...


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We created artwork to show the Great Fire of London behind the Tudor houses. 

Chimps swung into learning about long and short vowel sounds in phonics on their first day back!