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Meerkats - Year 5

Summer Well-being Activities

Distance Learning for Meerkats (Year 5)


Please scroll below to access our distance learning resources to complete in your 'Distance Learning Journals'. Please continue to check in to our class page Monday-Friday as I will be setting Meerkats additional challenges regularly each week. If you are a parent or carer of a child in Meerkats and have any questions about your child's distance learning, please email the class email address:


Keep safe, Meerkats!


Miss Acris

Bookman's Summer Reading Challenge! Ensure you take part Meerkats! Please print off the challenge, complete it over the Summer and return it to school in September.

Eye Primary School End of Year Church Service July 2020

A special end of year Church Service for Eye Primary School children, staff and parents at St. Matthew's Church. God bless you all and have a lovely summer!

I have a surprise for you!! I have recently bought a Labrador puppy, who is 8 months old. His name is Bear :)

Meerkats have been busy the past few weeks!

Joshua has been making pizza!
Emily has been on holiday!
Emily's been learning to body board!
Ben has a new cat called Lochie!
Isobel's persuasive advert - Page 1
Isobel's persuasive advert - Page 2
Ethan's Poster
Emily making plain and cheese scones.

*OPTIONAL WEEK 7 ACTIVITY* - Virtual Sports Day! Once completed, send in your child's score card via the class e-mail and the children with the top 3 amount of points will be awarded a gold, silver, bronze certificate via email.

Ethan has been working hard in Science!

The boys have been busy making posters in their science learning. These were to make people aware of how endangered chimpanzees are.

Joshua's Poster
Isaac's Poster
Ethan's Poster

Isobel has been working hard on her new 'One Wish' story and got some new glasses.


Ethan's Maths Work
Ethan's Science Graph
Ava Playing Football
Ava Playing Football
Ryan's Science TImeline
Ethan's angle work
Ethan's angle work
Ryan's science graph
Ethan's angle work
Ryan's old age poster
Ryan's science graph
Ryan's age timeline
Countries and their Capitals
Capitals crossword
Ethan's angle work

16/06/2020 :)

Isobel's Bar Graph
Isobel's Bar Graph
Ethan's Maths Work: Roman Numerals
Ethan's Maths Work: Roman Numerals
Alex playing Spelling Shed
Ethan's Bar Graph
Ethan's Line Graph
Ethan's home learning.
Isobel's old age poster.
Ethan's old age poster.

12/06/2020 :)

Isaac's Story S
Joshua's History Research
Sam's Printing
Sam's Printing
Sam's Printing
Sam's History Timeline
Sam's Information Text
Sam's Printing
Sam's Printing

Some great writing from Meerkats.

Emily's Information Text
Isaac's Information Text
Joshua's Information Text
Ethan's Story
Ryan's Information Text
Ryan's History TImeline
Bella's Information Text
Callum's Artwork
Callum's History TImeline
Callum's Poster
Callum having fun in the sun.
Callum having fun in the sun.
Callum having fun in the sun
Ryan's English
Ryan's Leaf Printing

02/06/2020 - Meerkats keeping busy

Charlotte's current book.
Charlotte's new animal.
Charlotte cooking.
Ethan's English Planning.
Ethan's Art Research
Ryan's English Planning.
Ryan practising his Art skills.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Ethan's Print Work
Ethan's Print Work
Isaac's Print Work
Ethan's Print Work
Oscar's English work animal

Distance Learning Booklet issued 19.03.20 by Miss Acris

Welcome back Meerkats!


I hope you all have had a lovely half term and are all ready to continue your home learning tasks. It's been fantastic seeing all the things you have been up to over the past half term. Don't forget to keep sending me your pictures of all the activities and work you've been up to. 


I will be uploading your new home learning tasks to the class page daily as we head into the last half term of the school year, so make sure you look out for those. I miss you all very much and I am looking forward to when we can get back into the classroom. 


Keep safe everyone and I will see you soon.


Miss Acris smiley


Ethan's Maths work.
Ethan's English work
Ethan's new animal for his English work.
Ryan and his brother creating a bridge.
Ryan and his brother making a hot air balloon.
Ryan's drawing.
Ryan made an obstacle course in his garden.
All the books Ryan has read during the lockdown!!!

Meerkats busy week!

Ethan's English work.
Ethan's RE work.
Emily baking.
Emily making Pizzas
Ava on a zoom call with her football team.
Isaac's RE work
Emily's Christian Aid Text
Emily's story - The Old Game (Page 1)
Emily's story - The Old Game (Page 2)

Meerkats incredible art work and stories.

Isaac's Art Work
Gracie's Butterfly Painting
Sam's Art work
Ethan's Art work
Isobel's Story - The Lamp (Page 1)
Isobel's Story - The Lamp (Page 2)

Morgan has a very busy week completing his home learning tasks!

Workhouse Work - Page 1
Workhouse work - Part 2
Math's Fast 4 and English Fast 6
English Task's
Science Revision Quiz

Meerkats have been planning and creating stories the past week. Have a read of few finished products.

Bella's Story - The Siren Shell (Page 1)
Bella's Story - The Siren Shell (Page 2)
Olivia's Story - The TV (page 1)
Olivia's Story - The TV (page 2)
Sam's Story - The Game - Page 1
Sam's Story - The Game - Page 2
Isaac's Story - The Kit of Dreams
Joshua's Story - The museum
Ethan's Story - The Game
Gracie's problem in her game.

The Spinney


I wonder whether you can draw some pictures or write a note for the residents at The Spinney?The residents love receiving things from you.


Please send your drawings/notes to:
84, Peterborough Road Eye Peterborough PE6 7YB
or email


Meerkats have had another busy week, working hard on their daily tasks and celebrating VE day.

Oscar planting tomatoes.
Oscar planting Cress.
Ryan celebrating VE day.
Joshua's story plan.
Ryan with his handmade wooden train.
Ethan's Geography task.
Ryan's story.
Joshua celebrating VE day.
Miri's food and decorations for VE day.
MIri baking.
Miri baking for VE day.

Summer 1 - Week 3 04/05/2020 - 08/05/2020

Some great work on our new English topic - The Game

Emily beginning her story.
Ethan planning his ideas.
Isaac's planning.
Morgan's planning.

It's great to see that some of you are still reading lots while at home. Who else wants to share the book they are currently reading?

Hello Meerkats! It's been a long time since I've seen you all and I'm missing you all lots. I've decided, while were in this lockdown, to reread all the Harry Potter books and so far I'm on the 4th book. Now you know what I'm reading, I'd love to see what book you are currently entranced in. So, your job is to send me a picture of the book you are currently reading. I can't wait to see them!

Bookman has a new challenge! Can you complete it?

Meerkats have had a very busy week. Have a look at what they've been up to.

Ryan made a posh dinner for VE day.
Ethan's work.
Morgan's work on mountains.
Morgan's VE day poster.
Morgan's poster.
Alex's English work.
Emily made a pizza.

Summer 1 - Week 2 27/04/2020 - 01/05/2020

Please find dated learning for you to access below:

Make sure you participate in Bookman's new reading challenge!

An excellent poem called 'Family Feast' written by Miri.

Isobel has been busy making a delicious marble cake for her mums birthday!

It's lovely to see that Meerkats are completing their home learning tasks and making time to be active and creative.

Emily's facts on mountains.
Emily practising her gymnastics.
Ethan made a rainbow heart.
Ryan made a Victorian Pump
Ryan clapping for the NHS.
Ryan playing games with his brother.

The children's task last week was to look at the Jewish 10 commandments and then come up with their own. Have a look at their commandments.

Isaac's 10 Commandments
Joshua's 10 Commandments
Isobel's 10 Commandments

Meerkats have had a busy week back completing their home learning. Have a look at what some have been up to.

Charlotte made a solar system.
Ethan researched different types of mountains.
Gracie created an Easter card.
Gracie made a flower for her garden.
Gracie made a birdhouse.

Meerkats have been writing Sports Poems as part of their home learning task today. Take a look at some of them below!

By Ryan
By Ben
By Isaac
By Sam
By Emily

Evie and Ryan have both been busy baking some delicious goodies.

Evie reminding everyone to stay safe!
Evie baking some brownies.
Evie's brownies.
Ryan making Leek and Potato Soup.
Ryan making scones.
Ryan made a birthday cake for his Dad.

Isobel has been making tortilla pizza! They looks delicious.

It's great to see how busy some of the Meerkats have been over the Easter Holidays. Well done!

Gracie making gingerbread flowers.
Gracie made some cookies.
Miri making a cake.
Miri making a poster for her football team.
Miri added a pocket to her cushion that she made.
Ryan made an Easter card.
Oliver playing games.
Oliver going for long walks.
Oliver going for bike rides.
Some Meerkats having a facetime call.
Charlotte has been baking.
Charlotte has been helping round the house.
Charlotte helping with the gardening.

02/04/2020 - Another battle has commenced! Get on to TTRockstars Meerkats to take on Kangaroos! You have from NOW until the 19th of April.

EXCITING NEWS! Bookman now has his own page on the school website! Check in regularly to ensure you are up to date with his latest videos, challenges and pictures!

01/04/2020 - Meerkats have been really creative this week, creating posters, Easter cards and doing some scientific experiments.

Oliver making an erupting volcano.
Oliver's volcano.
Caitlyn made rainbow jelly.
Miri has made a lovely Easter card.
Oliver and his wave experiment.
Ethan making a poster on the Industrial Revolution

31/03/2020 - Isaac has been busy completing Bookman's Easter challenge!

30/03/2020 - Both Oliver's and Ben been incredibly creative with their Easter Cards. Well done boys!

30/3/20 - Miss Reed and Miss Acris have set Kangaroos and Meerkats a battle on Times Table Rockstars! It begins at 7am on Monday 30th March (today) and finishes at 3.20pm on Wednesday 1st April. May the best class win!

It's lovely to see how busy everyone has been over the past week. Great work everyone! Below is Joshua cooking his family a delicious meal, Caitlyn working hard at her distance learning and Ryan spending quality time with his family.

Miri, Ava, Emily and Ben have been very creative this week. They've been helping to make breakfast, birthday cake, flat breads and even making another cushion! Well done everyone!!

Sam has been busy helping his family around the garden and has been on a 7 MILE bike ride!! Well done Sam.

26/3/20 - The Family Fit Club - Just Do Sports


Here is a link to The Family Fit Club which has been created to help you and your families whilst you are at home over the next few weeks. The workouts are fun, themed and suitable for all of the family, regardless of age and ability – with no equipment needed! All videos can be accessed for free on YouTube via the link below.



25/03/2020 - Bella has been working hard looking after her chickens. 

Check out her new Vlog below...


Well done to Meerkats class for all your hard work so far! Keep up the good work! Don't forget to keep sending in all you have been up to!

Math's work by Ethan
Isaac working hard on his Math's and RE work.
Isaac's RE work based on his own identity.
Alex working hard on Spelling Shed.
Ava cooking her family Spaghetti Bolognese.
Charlotte making scones for afternoon tea.

16.03.2020 - In Art lessons, we have been learning how to use a needle and thread and we have successfully all made a pillow!

18.3.20 - Bookman's Easter Reading Challenge has arrived early! Whilst you are relaxing over the Easter holidays, why not complete Bookman's latest reading challenge? Download, print and complete it and hand it in to Miss Reed when you return to school.

05/03/2020 - World Book Day!!

4/3/20 - Year 5 table tennis tournament at AMVC - we had such a great time!

For out D+T lessons we have been learning about nutritional meals. We decided it would be great if we could make a nutritional meal of our own! Check out out pictures below of us making Leek and Potato Soup.

4/2/20 - Us taking part in our HITT exercise as part of our sponsorship activity for the NSPCC: Speak Out, Stay Stafe

29/1/20 - We were very lucky this afternoon as Zoe from St Matthews Church came to visit us to talk about how she, as a Christian, reconciles science with her faith. Zoe delivered a presentation to us about how she makes sense of believing in a Creator God and also science. It helped us to think about our ‘Big Question’ for this unit of work in RE – ‘Creation and Science: Conflicting or Complementary?’

31/1/20 - Artist Visit - We were very lucky to have a visit from the artist Roland Burt. We had a fantastic and exciting morning contributing to our whole school master piece.

27/01/2020 - 30/01/2020 Children in the class took part in bike ability, learning how ride their bike safely on the road. Well done to you all!

16/01/2020 - Year 5 went on a trip to the Civil War Museum and learnt so much to help with this half terms History Topic!

10/1/20 - BOOKMAN VISITS MEERKATS! We had a surprise visit from Bookman this afternoon. He came to see how we have been getting on with our reading. We told him about our new class book 'Wolf Brother' which we are really enjoying. He also presented certificates to those children who managed to read 5 books (or more) in Autumn 2. Well done to all the children who managed to do this!

10/01/2020 Wire Sculpting

10/01/2020 Scratch Computing!

In History Meerkats are now learning about the Civil War. They played a board game and learnt some new facts after every dice they rolled. Check out the pictures below.

16/12/19 - We had a special visitor today! The new school book superhero, BOOKMAN, came to see us! He has set us a reading challenge over the Christmas holidays. Make sure you participate Meerkats... Bookman will be checking!

Check out what we are learning about in the Spring term by clicking on the file below!

22/11/2019 - In science we were look at what the word 'streamline' meant. To investigate this further, we created a streamline boat to test our new knowledge.

31/10/19 - Well done to the Year 5 children who managed to read 5 whole books last half term. We are very proud of you and can't wait to hear about what you read next.

Curriculum Bulletin Autumn 2 


In English. we will be looking at 'The Inventions of Hugo Cabret' as our focus text and writing newspaper reports. We will then be moving on to comparing the film with the book.


In Maths, we will be looking at multiplication and division this half term. 


In Science, we will be learning about forces.


In Geography, we will be learning all about mountains.


In DT we will be making our own birdhouses in our co-op groups.


The Christmas countdown is on! 


Please see the curriculum letter for more information.


Miss Acris



Year 5 took part in the Harvest Festival this year by saying a poem. The class each had a line to say, expressing the importance of the Harvest Festival and how it impacts the community around us. Some children also read out a prayer that they wrote themselves, during our RE lessons. The Harvest Festival was a great opportunity for the whole school to come together, celebrating the wider community.


We were very lucky today to experience a poetry day. Neal Zetter, a children’s poet with many published books, came to visit. We learnt one of Neal’s poems called 'Never Eat a Whole Elephant Sandwich' and performed it in the school’s Poetry Slam at the end of the day after lots of rehearsing. Our performance was so brilliant that we came second out of the whole school! Scan the QR code below to watch a video of our performance!

27/9/19 - Learning about the Moon Phases in Science... with oreos!

13/9/19 - Modern Slavery


Today, we participated in a workshop all about Modern Slavery led by Helen and Joe from ‘Just Enough UK’. They helped us to think about what modern day slavery looks like through role play – all of which we joined in with.


We learnt that slavery is where one person has absolute power over another and controls their life, liberty and fortune.


We were shocked to hear that there are an estimated 40-45 million slaves in the world today. A staggering £150,000,000,000 is made through slavery every year.


Helen and Joe taught us an acronym to help us remember the 5 signs of modern day slavery:


S – Suspicious person guarding them

L – Local language is a struggle

A – Any gender, any age, any nationality

V – Valid travel documents

E – Emotional and abused


Welcome to Meerkats!


I'm so excited and am looking forwards to starting our learning journey in year 5. We have lots to learn, which can be seen below. 


Autumn 1 learning


We have lots of exciting learning coming up this half term. Here’s a little insight in to what we will be learning about…


Maths: We will start by learning about numbers to 1,000,000.


English: We will be writing non-chronological reports about mythical beetles (inspired by the most wonderful book: Beetle Boy by M. G. Leonard).


Science: We will be learning about Earth and Space.


History: We’ll be going back in History and learning about the Tudors. In particular, we will be thinking about who the most powerful Tudor monarch was and why there was so much religious tension during the Tudor reign. 


RE: The focus question that we’ll be studying is ‘What does it mean if God is holy and loving?’


Art: We will be focusing on our drawing techniques – sketching in particular to begin with!


Design and technology: Our focus will be ‘Structures’ and you will be working throughout the Autumn term to create a bird house with you co-op group.


Music: Woaaaah! Livin’ on a prayer! We’ll be rockin’ as our focus is Rock music!


French: As this is a new language we will be learning, we’ll begin the term by learning how to greet one another, 5 colours and numbers 0-10 in French.


PE: We will be swimming during Autumn 1 during our PE lessons. More information about this is below.


C4L: Our focus is ‘Families and Communities’. We will learn about Human Rights and democracy within this.


Useful information


Support in class

Mrs. Heighton (HLTA) is working with children across both Year 5 classes.


PE - Dance and Gymnastics

PE is on a Friday. Please ensure bags and kits are clearly named. During Autumn 1 we will be looking at  range of Dance and Gymnastic movements, which you will piece together to create your own choreography.


Reading at home

Now children are in UKS2, they will no longer have a reading record. We still expect the children to be reading every single day and the expectation is that during a half term, each child reads at least 5 books so please do encourage this at home. At school, children will write in our class ‘Book Tracker’ each time they read a whole book and state whether they enjoyed the book or not. It will be monitored by the Year 5 team regularly to ensure children are reading regularly at home. If your child reads 5 books in a half term they will get a special certificate in assembly. If they read more than 5 books in a half term, they will be awarded a ‘Superstar Raffle Ticket’ which will be entered into a drawer where they have the opportunity to win some special reading goodies!


Water bottles

Please remember water bottles every day as our classroom does get very warm. Please make sure the water bottle is clearly named and is only filled with water or squash only. Thank you.



Homework will be set weekly. Please ensure your child is completing their homework.


Start & end of the school day

Children will be lining up in the morning outside Meerkats door and will be going in to the classroom to complete their morning activity at 8.50am. They will be released from the same place at the end of the day.


Please feel free to speak to me for any further information.


Miss Acris


P.S. Please keep checking our class pages for updates and snapshots of our learning throughout the year!