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Art and Design

          Art and Design at Eye Primary School

Subject Leader - Miss H Sargeant

At Eye CE Primary School we believe that art enables children to express themselves and respond in different ways to experiences.  It develops creativity, imagination and inventiveness – skills which can be used throughout the curriculum and beyond.  We want children to know what art is and how it impacts our lives - all around us are things that have been created and designed by artists.

How is art taught at Eye?


Art is taught termly and each unit has the opportunity to explore different aspects of art so that across the year children have experience of drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, collage and printing.  Skills taught in the previous year can then be built on during the next.  Children look at works of different artists to help them to think about how art is formed and are then able to use their imaginations to create their own piece of work.



Visiting Artist - Roland Burt


We had a visit from local artist Roland Burt and created a piece of art that every child in the school contributed to.  Roland showed the children how to draw figures and animals using numbers, letters and household objects and told them stories of his childhood.