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Collective Worship

Collective Worship

 At Eye C of E Primary School, Collective Worship takes place daily and is an important part of our school day.  We follow the church calendar and base the foci of our collective worships on these seasons. We display the appropriate coloured cloth in line with the time of year within the church calendar. In the past academic year we have begun to use the Roots and Fruits publication as a basis to planning our collective worship. The themes follow both our Christian Values (Community, Thankfulness, Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Service, Justice) as well as events in the church calendar (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Pentecost etc,) Each time of worship is rooted in biblical teaching and allows children to learn, reflect and respond. Our collective worship follow the structure of windows (learning), mirrors (reflecting) and doors (applying and going and 'living it out').


We aim for collective worship to be creative and leaders plan to use story, drama, poetry, illustrations, music etc.  Each time of collective worship begins with the lighting of our three candles which represent the trinity and a time of prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is also said. We encourage a range of worship leaders including teachers, pupils and external visitors.


Daily collective worship offers a time of reflection and prayer where children and adults are able to respond as they wish and are prompted to consider how worship impacts their lives. This is facilitated through the ‘Doors’ element of worship. Whole school and class worship spaces provide quiet areas for children and staff to reflect and talk to God.

Our Collective Worship Timetable 2020-2021








Class Worship-  Linked to values, church calendar or events globally



Fruits from the Roots



Christian Values focus led by SLT (virtual)





Class Worship- Linked to values, church calendar or events globally





Church Ambassadors (Link to values)

Christian Values Award (1 per half term)

Golden Worship (2 per half term)

(all virtual)

Our collective worship is currently taking place virtually. You can watch many of our collective worship in the video resource centre on this website.


Click the icon below to find our Collective Worship videos. 

Church Services

Throughout the year we are able to join in worship at St Matthew's church in our village of Eye. We join together with members of St Matthew's, parents, teachers and pupils to celebrate significant times of year such as Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. 



October 2020- Harvest Service

Our Harvest Service took place virtually this year but we were still able to enjoy contributions from Mr Hurst, other members of St Matthew's church and children across the school.


December 2020- Christmas Service

Our Christmas service was also held virtually this year. Whilst there are lots of restrictions meaning there were things we couldn't do, we still enjoyed listening to carols, sharing in a small nativity and learning more about the birth of Jesus. Members of our Church School Group were able to take part along with many of our children. We grateful, as always, for the leadership of Reverend Hurst.

March 2020- Easter Service

Once again we held our Easter service virtually but despite this it was an uplifting time of worship as we thought about the resurrection of Jesus. Children in year 1, 2 and 5 were able to take part by sharing poems and prayers. 



To watch any of our church services in full please click on the link below. 

Coming Soon!

For September 2021 we are excited to be going on some journeys within our Collective Worship. In order to learn more about God and his teachings as well as Jesus and his life, our Collective Worships will take us on a journey of discovery that we hope and pray will allow us to grow as people in our knowledge of God and the bible. 


Here's what we hope it will look like:


Collective Worship



Journeying through the Old Testament

Rev Hurst 


Christian Values- Virtual



Whole School Achievement/Christian Values Awards

Mr Webster


Class Worship- Journeying with Jesus

Class teachers


Virtual- Journeying with Jesus in our own lives




Our Thursday class worship series of journeying with Jesus will take us in a number of directions. 

Autumn 1: Words of Jesus (Roots and Fruits 2)

Autumn 2: Journeying to Christmas (Treasured Tales)

Spring 1: People Jesus meets (Roots and Fruits 2)

Spring 2: Journeying to Easter (Treasured Tales)

Summer 1: Parables of Jesus (Roots and Fruits 2)

Summer 2: Miracles of Jesus (Roots and Fruits 2)