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Tigers - Year 6

Tucked up in bed!

PGL update: the children have had their tea and are currently sitting around the campfire. They will be off to bed shortly.



While the other year 6 children are away, we've been learning some practical skills. We learned how to change a car tyre and how to check the oil level.

We have had an extremely successful 'My money week' where the children have taken park in lots of different activities involving budgeting. On Wednesday Miss Stafford organised for all of year 6 to take part in a budgeting challenge at the co-op in Eye. We had to feed a family of four for a day on a £15 budget; however; the meals had to contain our 5-a-day and include all items off a balanced plate.

Luke C was clearly inspired by our recent poetry unit. Below is a remarkable poem - which Luke wrote entirely independently - based on the Edgar Allen Poe classic, The Raven. Written from the perspective of the ill-fated Lenore, Luke's poem is full of moving symbolism and dark imagery. It shows an understanding and empathy that would surely not have failed to impress Edgar Allen Poe himself. Well done, Luke!


The Angel

Once upon a midnight dreary

Seraphim came down to hear me

Begging and pleading for me not to leave my lover

Edgar and the realm of the living.


I was flown up to the golden-gates of heaven

And the domain of God as I watched my lover descend into madness

And seemingly worship a picture of me

Covered in my jewellery

Yelling my name louder than a howling wolf

Experiencing outbursts of violence because he could not save me from my fate.


Stumbling, stumbling, stumbling around

Waiting for the pain of my wings growing to drown

As the pain encased my body

Like a knight’s armour finally finished

With pristine white wings sprouting like crops in harvest

Letting me fly like a symbol of freedom on a muddy battlefield.


Oh Lenore please come back;

Seraphim send my husband a sign that I still love him

Even behind the golden gates of heaven and cast me to hell

As Lucifer was

And when he comes knocking on the golden gates of heaven

Give him the feather of my love

And send thy raven to the realm of the living

And tell it to speak the words:


Some of the Tigers were invited to the grand opening of Eye's new Co-op. Miss Stafford was one of the first 50 customers to enter the shop and was given a golden ticket. Unfortunately, she didn't manage to win the T.V but was happy with a fair-trade chocolate bar :)

Celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday.

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The children wanted to wish the Queen a very happy 90th birthday by singing the National anthem.

Our Summer term kicked off to an exciting start with a visit from Professor Brainstorm. The children enjoyed watching some exciting Science experiments and then writing their own guide on each one in an information booklet.

Summer term


We have a busy term ahead of us in Tigers! The term will kick off with lots of revision for our upcoming SATs, making sure that we remember everything we have learnt this year. Our topic focus will be on World War Two and whether prejudice can ever be be justified.

I am looking forward to seeing some hard-work over this term, which will be rewarded with lots of exciting trips and events towards the end of the year.


Miss Stafford

The Hakka

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The Hakka

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The children experienced true New Zealand culture today with the HAKKA

Can prejudice ever be justified?


Over the next term, we will investigate what the term 'prejudice' means.  


During Spring 1, we will step back into the 1940's and be asking 'what was it like to be a child during WWII?'  Our learning will begin with looking at Anne Frank and the Holocaust.  We will then contrast this by exploring what it was like to be a British Evacuee during WWII.  Alongside this, we will be busy exploring: Morse code; Gas Masks; Anderson Shelters; Blitz art; discovering the countries of allies and the axis; listening to wartime music; making a ration recipe and much more!


During Spring 2 we will move away from the context of World War II and look to significant figures in World history who fought for equality.

Parent cafe

Battle of Waterloo role play

Area and perimeter group challenge

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We have had a very busy week in Tigers' class this week. On Tuesday, we started our new science topic 'seeing light'. The children have enjoyed learning a little bit about the anatomy of the eye by dissecting their very own pig's eye. WARNING: these pictures are not for the faint hearted.


Over the last few weeks in maths, we have been learning about the different methods for the four operations. The children then used their knowledge and applied it by creating instruction manuals to share with the Year 4 children.

With as few as 3,200 Bengal tigers left on the planet, now is a vital time to act in helping save these amazing creatures from extinction. In the last 100 years, Bengal tiger numbers have dropped by a massive 95%. 
 We have decided as a class to take action and adopt our very own Bengal Tiger. Our money will go towards the conservation of these animals and hopefully help to make a difference.
Below is a certificate that the WWF have sent us to say thank you.

We have adopted our very own Bengal Tiger!

Welcome to Tigers' Class Page!


I hope you have had a well rested summer and have lots of stories to share. This page will be regularly updated with sporting achievements, exemplary work and updates of what's happening throughout the term. We have an important year ahead of us, but lots of exciting things to look forward to as well. 


See you on Monday! 

Miss Staffordlaugh

Kung-Fu punctuation

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Kung-Fu punctuation

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Kung-fu punctuation

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Kung-Fu punctuation

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Last week Tigers learnt the moves to Kung-fu punctuation.

Children solved problems on the MEGA BOARD.

Welcome back Tigers! Miss Stafford is looking forward to seeing you on Monday.